Anonymous said: I love you and your poetry it's helped me to have someone/something to relate to so much Xx I was wondering if you could tell us a little about yourself and your life because OMG your poetry is so fascinating! Xxxx💓💗👼

Thank you so much!

I’m so bad at talking about myself, but here we go:

  • My favorite movie is Across the Universe, book is East of Eden, band is Bon Iver, and song is Baby, We’ll Be Fine by The National. 
  • I’ve been a vegetarian for about 4 months now. 
  • I’m majoring in English Lit.
  • I bruise like super easily. People have come up to me like super concerned because my legs are covered in bruises. 
  • I get distracted very easily. 
  • I could honestly take coffee in the bloodstream. 
  • The number of pumpkin spice lattes I’ve has so far is embarrassing.
  • I live for the October-November-December stretch.
  • I love holding hands. I LOVE IT MORE THAN ANYTHING. 
  • I don’t know what else. I tried to be a little obscure SO YEAH.
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sweetsmellingroad said: hi Emily! i've been reading your poems for a while and there's this short sentence that i absolutely love <the blood you lick from your lips must taste like freedom> but i'm not sure about its meaning. i'm also thinking about getting a tattoo and this quote is definitely on my list of ideas. could you please explain to me what does that sentence mean to you? ps: love your blog, keep writing!

I’m so honored!

But that quotes was from the myth series I’ve been doing and since its specifically geared toward Artemis, it’s referencing to how unbound she is from the ties of relationships and also a reference to her ruthlessness that she can cultivate in her freedom.

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1. Take his hands, take them by the teeth, because you are something wild, something terrible, and he never knew how to love you in a way that inflamed you, in a way that gnawed at your bones.

2. Are you still trying to swallow the stars? Are you still trying to let the light burn through?

3. I wanted to leave something besides a blood trail, besides prayers growing stale on my tongue. I could give you my body, my flesh, offer it up like a sacrifice, like a banquet. Would it be enough? Could you carve a story from my veins?

4. When your mother tells you about your birth, she says it like myth, like pain and blessings and something pink and precious. She never tells you that you were born angry, with too many teeth.

5. It all adds up to this: the hollow chest, the bruised neck, the shaking hands. Your body, the triumvirate of unholy things.

by Emily Palermo, ix. 
princess-dere said: Okay so I found your blog through the quote "But you see, there is a graveyard in my mouth filled with words that have died on my lips," and I just HAVE to tell you how AMAZING you are! I'm a Creative Writing major, and your poems are on par with the published poems we study. If you're not already published, you should definitely send some poems to literary journals! You're definitely an inspiration to me <3

Thank you SO MUCH! I really hope to get something published by the end of the year!

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t-resbelle said: Oh goodness, I am absolutely in love w your writings. They are beautifully written and I hope you don't mind me liking every single one. I'm literally so inspired to write my own after reading yours. 😍

Oh my god, this message has made my night 5 billion times better! Thank you so much!

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Anonymous said: my god, your poetry is amazing, and beautiful and wow... just wow. it's amazing.


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Anonymous said: You are a poem within yourself. I'm in love with the words you are made up of. xx


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i-would-melt-for-you said: Fuck, your poems are amazing and so beautifully worded<33 howd you get your inspiration, its so good!

Thank you so much!

[edit: i totally missed the last line of this question omg but all my inspiration is literally everything that happens to me

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The part of the story
when everything is soft,
and we are still trying
to reach the sun that scorches
the inside of our skin,
and we are still trying
to swallow the names
in our mouths
and hold them in our stomachs.

The part of the story
when my wrist is
between his teeth,
and my blood is
dripping from his mouth.
and oh God, oh God,
he hollows me,
and oh God, oh God,
I split his bones wide open,
and we scream love
like a prayer,
like a sentence,
like an apology.

The part of the story
when we become
something feral,
something hungry,
and he devours me whole
and picks my ribs from his teeth.
I wanted to be wanted,
to be touched, to be craved,
and now I’ll never escape him.

by Emily Palermo, Are We Still Writing It All Down?
livingalifeworthwhile said: I just read one of your poems. I am truly grateful someone knows how I feel. thank you for taking time to share that thought, that emotion, in your soul. I am better for reading it. xxxxxxx

I’m so happy, thank you!

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