Start with a prayer,
scrape the soft skin
of your knees on glass
and pretend this will work,
pretend there is hope striking
at the walls of your chest.

'Dear God,
Why is he ripping
out my spine?’

'Dear God,
I just wanted to be loved.’

'Dear God,
Don’t let me bleed out
on the bathroom floor.’

Start with an absolution,
pick yourself up
and rearrange your bones
the right way,
into something whole,
into something hungry.

by Emily Palermo, Church
Anonymous said: I cannot wait till my birthday in october so i can get "Darling, you see, no heroes are coming for you. Grab your sword, and don your own armor." Tattood. I loves it as soon as i sawnit ages ago when u first posted and ive been waiting to be 18 for so long and now woo not so long anymore

OH MY GOD I’M SO HONORED!! send a picture when you get it done!

Thursday, 12:01 AM   + 14
sassysnow1988 said: Interrupting my rabid reblogging of your poems to say that each and every one that I have read is AMAZING and just truly beautiful in every sense of the word. Please never stop. Now, back to my frenzied reading and reblogging.

oh my god this made my day! thank you so much!

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venom-kisser said: Hey!! I live out your way apparently! Thanks for the heads up not to go into BR today. Lol. Good luck moving. Stay safe. Drink plenty of water. Good luck in college!

god, yes, I try to avoid Baton Rouge traffic on a normal day! but thank you so much!

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Anonymous said: Hey! I saw that you were on your way to college! Where are you going?


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holiness for you
was always in the quiet
of the world,
never in the flesh of another.

the blood you lick from your lips
must taste like freedom.
by Emily Palermo, excerpt of Artemis (via camilla-macauley)
Anonymous said: How do you find inspiration to write??? Ive been trying to write poetry for years, but I haven't written one thing because I cant put my thoughts into words, and when I do, I feel like what is the point of writing this? And then I don't write

I honestly find inspiration in everything, which feels like such a copout, but that’s literally it. Like, from my family to books to my friends to music, I just write about it, and then I’ll take that concept and work it until I’m satisfied, which is why so many poems have similar themes. And god, I never ask myself why because I would never do ANYTHING.

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Anonymous said: So for my drama class this year we are supposed to write an inspired monologue. And I finally think I decided on something I want to use as my inspiration. Could I use your poem "despite what you've read"? I would love to use it and perform it

Sure, that’s fine!

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Anonymous said: I keep seeing your lovely work on my dash and I just assumed you were a published author and was very confused when google didn't suggest a list of your published novels. You have amazing talent! :)


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We, the stumbling prophets
screaming ourselves raw,
wondering if Atlas will ever take
the world from our shoulders.
We, the impossible.
We, the unyielding.

We, the unrelenting heretics
burning alive for truths
the old world will never
be ready to hear.
We, the nuclear.
We, the radioactive.

We, the unwilling angels
choking on the innocence
shoved down our throats,
ripping these unforgiving
linens to shreds.
We, the celestial.
We, the hungry.

We, the courageous damned
kissing revolution in the moonlight,
crushing fate between our teeth.
We, the unholy.
We, the light.

by Emily Palermo, Millennials 
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