akaiio said: i just wanted to say that i love your 'open letter to the man who told me to stay out of adult conversations' it's everything i've been trying to say and you've managed to word it so perfectly. thank you!

Thank YOU!

Saturday, 10:56 PM   + 1
perks-of-being-a-canadian said: oh my gosh ur writing is so very beautiful like i cant- i dont know how to explain it, but every word just touches my heart omg wow

im an english major too! but gosh i’ve never had the courage to post any of my work! ur writing is just amazing. where do you go to college/university

Thank you so, so much! I go to LSU. 

Wednesday, 08:59 PM   + 3
sleepingforrestt said: i love your poems so much!

Thank you so much!

Saturday, 11:18 PM   + 2
abrokenkindofbeautiful said: Hi! I just wanted to tell you we had to read something of our choice to my class so I chose one of your poems and I quoted you in another one of my speeches as well. You're an amazing writer and I can only hope to write as meaningfully as you do someday!

That’s so great! Thank you so much!

Monday, 10:36 PM   + 4
Anonymous said: Who are your favourite poets? Or/And your favourite poem blogs? :))))

My favorite poets are Sylvia Plath, Richard Siken, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Pablo Neruda, Margaret Atwood, and Warshan Shire. 


Caitlyn Siehl

Azra. T

Hannah Beth Ragland

Clementine von Radics

Kristina Haynes

Monday, 07:51 PM   + 10
Anonymous said: Are you in college? If so, what are you studying?

I am! I’m an English Lit major.

Sunday, 10:53 PM   + 2
flowersarenotedible said: I Use To Wear A Cross Around My Neck response: I'm sorry you've gone through those things, but that is not religion. Some Christians have it all wrong and cause people turn away from God as a result.. But Christianity is about loving God and His people and establishing His kingdom. We all have a sin nature, but repentance is just the beginning. Please understand that God gave free will because He didn't want to force us to love Him. He IS a loving God, but ultimately WE decide our fate.

Okay, yes, but the entire point of that poem was my personal experience with religion as I grew up. The religion I was taught in both my home and school and how it affected me. I never once in that poem tried to put a blanket statement on Christianity as a whole; I’m literally just talking about it in reference to myself. And there are so many facets of Christianity that I personally don’t agree with, especially the idea of being born with sin, and I am going to write poems about it as I would any other aspect of my life.

Sunday, 10:36 PM   + 10
Anonymous said: this is kind of a weird question i guess, but do you speak another language besides english?

I do not! The extent of my foreign language knowledge is two years of high school Spanish.

Sunday, 09:22 AM   + 0
Anonymous said: Hi, I would like to recite a few of your poems for a presentation, but I need your name....

Emily Palermo!

Wednesday, 05:57 PM   + 2
Anonymous said: I love you and your poetry it's helped me to have someone/something to relate to so much Xx I was wondering if you could tell us a little about yourself and your life because OMG your poetry is so fascinating! Xxxx💓💗👼

Thank you so much!

I’m so bad at talking about myself, but here we go:

  • My favorite movie is Across the Universe, book is East of Eden, band is Bon Iver, and song is Baby, We’ll Be Fine by The National. 
  • I’ve been a vegetarian for about 4 months now. 
  • I’m majoring in English Lit.
  • I bruise like super easily. People have come up to me like super concerned because my legs are covered in bruises. 
  • I get distracted very easily. 
  • I could honestly take coffee in the bloodstream. 
  • The number of pumpkin spice lattes I’ve has so far is embarrassing.
  • I live for the October-November-December stretch.
  • I love holding hands. I LOVE IT MORE THAN ANYTHING. 
  • I don’t know what else. I tried to be a little obscure SO YEAH.
Tuesday, 11:05 PM   + 16