Anonymous said: You are a poem within yourself. I'm in love with the words you are made up of. xx


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i-would-melt-for-you said: Fuck, your poems are amazing and so beautifully worded<33 howd you get your inspiration, its so good!

Thank you so much!

[edit: i totally missed the last line of this question omg but all my inspiration is literally everything that happens to me

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The part of the story
when everything is soft,
and we are still trying
to reach the sun that scorches
the inside of our skin,
and we are still trying
to swallow the names
in our mouths
and hold them in our stomachs.

The part of the story
when my wrist is
between his teeth,
and my blood is
dripping from his mouth.
and oh God, oh God,
he hollows me,
and oh God, oh God,
I split his bones wide open,
and we scream love
like a prayer,
like a sentence,
like an apology.

The part of the story
when we become
something feral,
something hungry,
and he devours me whole
and picks my ribs from his teeth.
I wanted to be wanted,
to be touched, to be craved,
and now I’ll never escape him.

by Emily Palermo, Are We Still Writing It All Down?
livingalifeworthwhile said: I just read one of your poems. I am truly grateful someone knows how I feel. thank you for taking time to share that thought, that emotion, in your soul. I am better for reading it. xxxxxxx

I’m so happy, thank you!

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aristos-achaion said: hi. my name is also emily and i'm a little younger than you are. i just wanted to tell you that your poems really pull at me. thank you for giving me strength. good luck in school!


you’re so sweet and lovely, just thank you!

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blockedt said: Hi from across the border, in Texas! May your semester be filled with A's :)

How rad! Thank you!!

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The sun inside of him
could set the kingdom ablaze;
he knows this, he does.

And he still asks me to love him,
to face the flame.

Find me in the ashes.
by Emily Palermo, excerpt of Apollo (via camilla-macauley)
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Anonymous said: I love your poems and admire your writing technique. Any tips on writing? It would be greatly appreciated

The best tip I can really give is to not let yourself get discouraged? Like sometimes he words don’t fit, and that’s okay. Write anyway. Write, write,  write. Try to avoid comparisons. Take a notebook everywhere. Share your work, even if it’s only with one person. Never stop writing because your voice deserves to be heard.

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Anonymous said: agreed, you're a great poet. the one about parents? spot on.

Thank you!

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alae-megallen said: Your words are exquisite. Truly. They get to the heart of me and I appreciate that because sometimes I need words to explain that I can never write myself. Thank you.

Oh my god, you’re making my chest heavy. Thank you!

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